The Summer in Review

Carol Ann and I have been crafting together for almost a year now and I am just getting around to making my first post to the blog. : ) What a better time than the end of one season and the beginning of another. It seems like the summer just began yesterday but we are winding down to the end of August already!

Throughout the summer Carole Ann and I have been crafting our way through Providence. We were each led a workshop for the HIVE the http://www.hivearchive.org/
. For $10 crafters received a drink or appetizer and a crafting lesson with materials included.

Hive O' Clock

Carol Ann had a full house of crafters at the Down City Dinner on Weybosset St. where she led the 2nd Hive O' Clock workshop. She taught local crafty women how to turn their household milk carton into a fun new coin purse.

The first Hive O' Clock workshop was held at the Union Station Brewery where I taught a small but highly energetic crew of 9 how to turn old soda bottles into bright and colorful flowers.

Indie Arts Fest

Because my partner in crime had to run off to VT, I was left to man the Connect the Dots Booth at the Indie Arts Fest on my own : )... well that's not completely true... I had help from a couple friends. Thanks Cathy, Geneva, Jeff and Eric for all your help with set up and cleanup.

My friend Nelson stopped by to check out my Silverware Jewelry and see what I have been up to with my free time when I am not hanging out at the rock gym with him.

The silverware jewelry took many different forms before turning into these awesome earring which are made made from the stems of various forks, spoons and knives I have collected over the past year.

My workbench was in shambles before the Indie Arts Fest! Here is a snapshot of it the week before the festival with tons of earrings in various stages of completion.

Soon the workbench will be back to its good ole self once I am done preparing for our fall showing at the Street Painting Festival this September. Look out for more details soon. This summer has been full of crafting craziness and we hope will continue throughout this next year.

Good Luck and Peace

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