Trying to keep cool

Spent Sunday reorganizing all of my supplies so that they're more accessible, and getting reacquainted with Silas (my sewing machine) after almost a month of not using him. Decided to make table centerpiece because I was inspired by craft leftovers.

I tried to use at least one scrap of each of the green fabrics I have, because I know someday I want to have a kitchen that's all different shades of green together. I think it looks clean and fun, and I'm surprised at how all of those really different fabrics look so nice all together.

It's been SO hot lately, and since I don't have AC at my apartment, I needed a portable project that I can take to cooler places. I made these fabric covered clips, and I've been wearing them to work. I love how they look in my vintage fabric scraps! The photo is not awesome, but again, I was only home with my camera for a fleeting moment before I retreated once again to a cooler spot. I'm surprised at myself by saying this, but...I've been longing for WINTER!

In two weeks, I'm headed to visit Lisa in the Netherlands. Hoping to find some cute fabric over there...I'll be sure to leave some space in my suitcase!

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