Cozy Revamp

Getting ready for fall, and I was doing some experimenting with revamping old t-shirts and button-ups into fall accessories.

I finally dug into my big box of old t-shirts and tried out a few things. Found this braided scarf tutorial on that old dress - I love how the t-shirts look after you stretch out strips like this.

I had lots of strips left, so I tried making a crazy necklace-type-thing. I can't decide which I like better...

Then I decided to revamp this old button-down that I never wear into a fall scarf. With a soft linen-y type material for the other side, it's super cozy.

Lastly, I cut rectangles out of all of my old blue t-shirts to make a patchwork scarf. I used orange thread, and it was my first time (intentionally) trying my hand at lettuce edging. Looks cool! I plan to wear it tomorrow!

No go on craftland for aje or me, but we both have interviews at New Urban Arts next week!
-Carole Ann

1 comment:

  1. The second one from the top is my fav - it's such a funky yet versatile accessory and unlike anything I've seen before!


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