First Commission!

This week I got to work on a super fun project on commission for the museum. I remade a batch of child aprons for the 60's Dominican market exhibit called Fefa's Market.

First I got to pick out some vintage 60's fabric from my favorite fabric shop in my hometown.

Then I created a pattern and cut them all out.

Lots of ironing to make the bias tape that goes all around!

And sewing it all together!

Voila! I can't wait to deliver them tomorrow!

Also, Geneva came over to keep me company while I was working on them. She was on a quest to make an awesome outfit to wear in her marching band for the PRONK! event happening in Providence tomorrow. She wanted to use t-shirts to make something to wear over her bright red spandex pants...
One trip to Michael's, two t-shirts, some cutting, tying, and sewing later, here she is! The best part of the night was when she spontaneously yelled out: "I love sewing!" She did an awesome job!

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