I have a new mantra these days: Live from the heart, share from the heart. I've been thinking about HEART a lot lately, so I was especially feeling in the mood for Valentine's Day this week...

Heart Party at New Urban Arts was a blast! There was valentine making, paper plate mailboxes that brought me back to third grade, heart plushie pins, and a free-write. All of this set to the romantic interludes of guitar mentor Dylan. (My favorite was "Unbreak my Heart" when everyone started singing together!)

Here's Lehidy teaching others how to sew heart plushie pins.

Stephanie made a bunch!

The aftermath.

This morning, I went to the Portuguese bakery down the street to pick up some sweetbread, and made Ian some heart-shaped french toast!

Tomorrow we'll go to his grandma and grandpa's house for lunch. I made his grandma a little gift inspired by pink penguin.

Big changes happening in my life lately, including carving out more time for art. I have to wait til March, but I'm so ready!

Carole Ann


  1. That tea pot is too adorable!! I am soo excited for you... :)

  2. what sorts of big changes? time to catch up!


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