Midyear Makings

A couple of weeks ago, New Urban Arts opened a show called Midyear Makings, showcasing student works in progress.

They sure know how to make it fun - they had a root beer float and hot chocolate bar!

Here's a beautiful bag and pin made my one of my students, Lehidy.

And Stephanie showed off some photos of the headband she created. I love the photo of the two of us together!

Our next project is Stuie the Steggie. I made a practice one, now for teaching others how to make a dino....

Carole Ann


  1. ooh, will you teach me how to make stuie too? he looks fun :)

  2. These are great photos! What talented students you have... that must make you so happy :) Great job! And I love steggie too.... :)

  3. OOO... I wanna learn from you! Great projects!


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