Custom Bridal Gifts

My brother is getting married in a few short weeks, and last weekend I went to his bride-to-be's shower. I wanted to create some custom, one-of-a-kind gifts for her. They are getting married in Jamaica, just the two of them, on the beach.

{Handmade bridal clutch - original pattern}

{Bridal swimsuit cover up - pattern from creative kismet}


{ribbon bouquet}

It was actually my first bridal shower. I loved how they had it in her home. Her mother, having heard that I'm "the queen of all things crafty" (her words), asked me to make a bouquet from the ribbons on each of the gifts.

I'm back in Providence now, and under the weather. I've got a cutie to keep me company though.


Carole Ann

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  1. What a lucky sis-in-law-to be. I can't believe how cute the cover-up came out! The purse is cute too, I love its shape, never seen anything quite like it! Callie LOVES the camera, look at that model face!!!


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