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There are so many creative women in my life - my family, co-workers, fellow artists, book club - and I find myself in conversations about art-making with them all the time. By art-making, I mean anything and everything that involves creative expression - from painting to writing to music to decorating their living room.

I'm always hungry to know about how other artists see their creative practice - how they found their medium, what their process is like, where art fits into their lives, what their creative fears are...basically all of the questions that I'm grappling with all the time. Hearing other women's stories gives me insight, ideas and inspiration.

{ "Seamless" - engraving by my creative friend, Kerrie Hoban }

So, I'm going to start asking them some of those big questions in a more formal way, and sharing their responses here. Look out for the first installment of "My Creative Friend" this Saturday!

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