Goal #9

I've been chipping away at my 10 Things to Do in 2010, and this week I can mark off goal #9: Donate pieces to at least three fundraising initiatives.

I'm working towards launching a line of utility aprons (more on this soon!), and I've been tinkering with a few designs. My prototype pieces went to some causes that I feel very connected to.

The first went to New Urban Arts' Annual Campaign silent auction. Here's hoping that it fetched a good price to support an amazing arts/education organization!

I also donated an "art experience" - a custom apron design! I can't wait to find out who won this item, and what we'll be creating together!

Another set of aprons went to Providence Children's Museum's Annual Gala silent auction. This is a Mommy & child set - a grown up apron with pockets and do-dads perfect for gardening, craft materials, or household stuff...

...and a child apron perfect for art supplies!

{ fabric circle wreath }
I'm also contributing two pieces for display at the Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island's Encore Art Awards Celebration on April 30th. They'll be honoring individuals and businesses that provide outstanding support and dedication to the arts community here in Rhode Island.

{ Scrap color quilt - yay for being publicly displayed!}

Proceeds from the sales of the artwork will go to supporting their programs for arts organizations and individual artists. I'm super excited because they're also going to have "art experience" tables, and the Hive Archive will have a table with a great photo transfer project!

It's amazing to be attending an event were I'll be there as both an artist and the Program Director of an arts organization. My life is taking me in directions that I had no idea I had inside of me!

Carole Ann

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