Photo Shoot

I've been trying to take better photos these days - Goal #3: Learn how to take more awesome photos of my work. I've learned a few tips from some resources like The Sometimes Crafter and artist/photographer friends. I feel good about how my blog and flickr photos are turning out, but no matter how the light and angles are lined up, my little point and shoot sony doesn't make my work pop in the way that I'd like it to for juried show applications and my etsy shop (coming in June!).

So I invited my friend Jess and her super fancy camera over for a photo shoot.

I expected it would take a few hours and I would feel a little awkward about modeling, but what I didn't know was that it would be so fun! We made a mess! Jess brought outfits and props!

I pulled out my trunk of inventory, and what it turned out to be was an afternoon of celebrating my work. I have inventory! And I got to show it off!

{ tool apron - craft }

{ tool apron - makeup }

{ milk carton coin purse }

{ me }

The other thing that happened: I felt so...pretty.

Thanks, Jess! These photos are going to look fantastic on the mini moo cards I ordered last weekend!

*Check out more of the photo shoot on my flickr photostream or facebook page.

Carole Ann


  1. you (and all your stuff) are so pretty! it was a blast for me too and we should set another date sometime soon!



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