They're Here!

New business cards have arrived! I am so proud to start handing out my Mini Moo Cards with the photos from the photo shoot! Put together with all of my labels, cards, and tags, I feel like my promotional materials have really come a long way!

{ Alyssa & I, showing off our Hive Archive aprons }

I got to hand out a few cards at the Arts & Business Council of Rhode Island's Encore Awards on Friday night. I was there as an artist, with two of my pieces shown in the gallery, and also as part of the Hive Archive, leading an "art experience" photo transfer workshop with Alyssa. (I worked all day to make us some custom Hive Archive bee aprons. Aren't they cute?) I was so proud to see my pieces hanging with other established artists, and to feel like I'm a part of the wonderful and thriving arts community here in Providence.

Be sure to ask for a moo card when you see me - I plan to always be carrying them!

Carole Ann

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