I've been working on goal #4 lately - Start commenting on other people's blogs (one per day).

I initially added this goal because I've read articles about comments being a way to build connections and increase your blog readership. But since writing it down I've realized that they are so much more than that.

I recently came across the following passage in Twyla Tharp's book The Collaborative Habit. While writing about being a visiting choreographer for a dance company, she explains the importance of engaging with the community in which she's working. She always makes a point of giving an open lecture for community members. She explains:

"It's like tithing - only instead of money, you're giving a percentage of your creative energy. And like a lot of charity, you don't know whom you're helping or how. Your aim is to introduce and explain what you do. In a sense, you're throwing seeds randomly, hoping they'll sprout." - page 96

This quote really resonated with me and how I think about the Connect the Dots blog. With this blog I am a) documenting my creative journey for myself, but also b) hoping to share that journey in order to inspire others. I'm putting my creative energy into this space and hoping that the seeds I'm spreading are somewhere sprouting.

And it's sometimes a lonely feeling to be throwing seeds and not know where (or whether) they're taking root.

I learned to sew from blogs online - following tutorials here and there and slowly but surely building my skills and knowledge as an artist. There is so much information, resources, and inspiration shared online - it all helps me learn about my craft, improve my business skills, and realize that I am not alone in beginning an independent business venture (and hence gave me the confidence and umph! to start and continue my creative journey). I know I owe so much to all of these creative people who have helped me along the way by simply sharing their knowledge and resources.

I'm finally realizing how important it is for me to not just look, but to engage with these folks. To thank them for sharing their creative energy with me.

Every single time someone tells me - through comments or in person - that they read a Connect the Dots blog post or saw photos on the facebook or flickr page, I feel encouraged and validated.

So I've made a point lately to comment often. To just say:

Hey, I'm here.
I'm reading.
I'm looking.
The seeds are sprouting.

Carole Ann

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  1. Thanks for sharing your new "creative habit" - I think it's a great way to sprout those seeds for others, wherever they may land, and it's also a sure way of bringing more folks to your page!

    Can't wait for Providence Art Festival with you... so SOON!!! :)



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