I had a meeting today with a woman who won a custom apron by Connect the Dots at the New Urban Arts fundraiser.

I'm realizing that I love this part of the process just as much as the sewing itself. Getting to know the person, their style, their ideas, and how what I create for them will fit into their lives makes the project so personal.

Today, Maria was so excited to meet me (!) and started by asking me about myself and my business. I sipped mint tea, told her the story of my creative journey, and shared a bit about how I chose Connect the Dots Crafts for my business name.

I'm a connector. It's no mistake that one of my favorite things in the world is when someone stops to ask me for directions or a restaurant recommendation. I love connecting people to resources, ideas, and each other.

I do it in my job at the museum, welcoming a team of AmeriCorps members to what is often a new city for them, finding out about their interests, and letting them know about things going on in Providence that they might want to explore and get involved in. That is without a doubt my favorite part of the job.

I do it as Program Director at The Hive Archive. In a way, that's what the Hive is all about - creating opportunities to connect people so that they can share resources, skills, ideas, and inspiration. Since we don't yet have a physical building, it's up to me and Alyssa to create and maintain these connections. And I love it.

And I do it with Connect the Dots Crafts - connecting with other artists both in person and online so that I can develop and share my skills and connecting with the city of Providence itself by participating in and supporting community events.

When I told Maria this, she said:
"It's so true. What you join people together, you just have...more."
And I thought, yeah.

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