Custom Craft Vendor Aprons

{ commissioned aprons }

I was really excited when a very talented Providence screen printing artist, Jean Cozzens, approached me about commissioning two custom craft vendor aprons.

Jean and I met to talk about what kinds of pockets, colors, and details he and his sweetheart, Meg, would need for the upcoming RISD Alumni Art Sale. We decided on pinstripes and gold for Meg, and black and gray with turquoise accents for Jean. Some simple big pockets in the front, with one pencil pocket for Jean and more for Meg. And Jean had a great idea for a secret velcro pocket in the back to safely stash away those big bills.

{ detail }

I went home and got right to work, and was super happy with the result! I think I found a way to really incorporate Jean's and Meg's styles into mine, and the product is something completely one-of-a-kind and personal to them!

{ Meg & apron }
Ian and I walked down to the art sale yesterday, to check out all of the amazing work and of course, the aprons in action. We could hardly get through the crowd gathered around Jean and Meg's table!

{ Jean's print }

One of the best parts of this project: Jean and I worked out a partial trade so that I could take home one of her beautiful prints that I've been admiring for so long. Check out more of Jean's work at Secret Door Projects.

Time for some day dreaming: If you had a custom apron, what kinds of pockets and bells & whistles would you want?

Carole Ann

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  1. If I had a custom apron, there would be a pocket for a tall and skinny paperback, and one for a shorter and fatter paperback. Got to make sure we accommodate all of the different types of fantasy novels that I like to carry around. There would be a pocket for a granola bar, two pen slots, and someplace to hook on a water bottle that wouldn't throw the whole thing off-balance. Basically, I think I would want the bag that I usually carry around, but turned inside out. I don't generally wear aprons, though, and I'm not often in a position when I need one, so I might not be the right candidate for this exercise, alas. But that's my apron daydream.



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