Countdown to Providence Art Festival: 5 days!

I'll be counting down all week to the Providence Art Festival coming up on Saturday! Each day, I'll feature a preview of the creations I'll be showing off in my booth. I'm thrilled that everything I'll be showing is made with recycled materials.

5 days to go and I just finished a fresh batch of milk/juice carton coin purses! These are 100% recycled!

And they're part of this complete breakfast.

Stay tuned for more...

Carole Ann


  1. Greate! Hope it 'll go fine! I have an idea... but I'll sent it by e-mail :)

  2. These are so cool! I'll buy one on Saturday if I can make it. I love that you're using recycled materials!

  3. Thanks, Tina! I hope to see you there. I was just checking out your blogs - I love your quilts, and the fabrics you use!


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