Custom Baby Set

A few weeks ago, my friend Sara commissioned me to create a custom baby set for her sister. Since her shower was last Sunday, I'm so excited to finally share the photos!

Sara and I decided on a set of three creations -

First, a coordinated set of baby bibs and a tag blanket for baby:

And of course, something special for mom as well - a diaper bag:

Thanks, Sara, for the opportunity to work on this adorable and personal project! And thanks to my friend Jess for taking photos that make them look so great!

I know three more babies coming into the world soon - all boys! - so more baby creations to come...

Carole Ann


  1. I'm in love with the diaper bag! What a wonderful gift to receive! :-)

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to see some photos of the gifts in action when baby comes in August...

  3. This is the best gift I have ever given. And Carole Ann made it possible! My sister and brother-in-law loved all of the three creations. Thank you for being so creative, talented, and generous. You're the best :)

  4. Aww, shucks, Sara! I feel lucky to be a part of such a special time for you and your sis. Thanks again!


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