Hittin' the Streets

I got to relax and put the studio back together today after having my work all packed up for two fabulous art sales this week and last.

The Providence Art Festival was even bigger and more festive than last year! With lots of live music, delicious eats, performances, and lots of amazing artists - the threat of rain didn't stop tons of people from coming out and having a great time! It was such a busy and exciting day that I only was able to get one photo of my booth (thanks, Dad!):

When it was over, I packed my stuff up quickly and zipped down to Mohegan Sun with my momma to see James Taylor and Carole King in concert!! It was an amazingly fun way to end a great day!

Yesterday was another great community event - Whole Foods Market invited artists from The Hive to be part of a storewide event to raise awareness about honeybee health. Five of us set up on the sidewalk outside of the store and enjoyed a day of sunshine and good company. We got to spread the word about The Hive, a women-run feminist arts collaborative in Providence, all while supporting honeybee health and showing people our work.

Here's a peek at my table:

Joanna from Joy in my Studio had a fabulous time selling her hand-painted silk scarves and honeybee-themed artwork:

Adj from Justice Recycled showcased her upcycled art - silverware jewelry and tie clutches:

Moira from Literary Tease had oodles of beautiful texty jewelry and accessories, and somehow I missed getting a photo of Pam and her beautiful pottery, but you can catch a glimpse half of her in this photo (oops!):

It was so wonderful to have the opportunity (two weeks in a row!) to bring my artwork out of my own little world and into the community, so exciting to share my love for making and creating with others, so encouraging to witness people's reactions to my work, and so uplifting to really feel like I'm part of the artist community here.
And after so much preparation and excitement, I'm glad to have a few weeks to take on some fun projects and custom orders before the Indie Arts Fest on July 31st. Stay tuned for photos of those projects, plus more segments of My Creative Friend!

Carole Ann


  1. WOW! The photos of Bees in the Hive at Whole Foods look amazing!!!

  2. Thanks Alyssa! We wished you were there!

  3. What a great group of artists we had! I'm so excited at how this event came together - getting the word out about The Hive, honeybees, and showcasing local art - and hope it's the first of more to come! Nice photos :)

  4. This is a great idea. It's totally inspiring me to be more than a voyeur at the next craft fair! - VA in Virginia


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