Yellow Clutch

I recently got to make time for a fun project for a dear friend. Emily from my book club is moving to Boston to start a new adventure! We had a surprise-hijacked-book-club-going-away-party for her last week.

{ book club }

Emily has been so encouraging to me as Connect the Dots has developed, and was central to me becoming a mentor at New Urban Arts. She's helped me learn and grow artistically and professionally and I wanted to make a little something special just for her...

{ yellow emily clutch }
I found the tutorial for this project from Noodlehead. Thanks for the great pattern and beautiful design! Emily loved it, and I just love to think of her carrying it around Boston...

Carole Ann


  1. Nice! It was a great take-away from the best surprise party ever.

  2. It's so cute. You really capture people's personalities in your designs, CA :)

  3. I'm so honored! Thank you Carole Ann and all of Book Club for a lovely night.

  4. Thanks for treating my little girl so well. I will miss her being in Providence too.

  5. Yay! It was a great night, and a really fun project!


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