Field Trip: RRIE with Moira

My friend Moira and I went to the recycling center - Resources for Rhode Island Education. This is a place that truly gives meaning to the phrase: "One person's trash is another person's treasure." RRIE is a non-profit with a mission I can really get behind - they collect and recycle manufacturers' overruns, seconds and fall-offs for teachers and educational institutions to use as creative materials. You fill up a bag (or three), and pay $.40/lb.

I love the mystery of a trip to RRIE - I never know what I'll find there. It's my favorite spot for inspirational, recycled art supplies. Bins and bags of shiny thingamajigs? Yes, please!

This is where I get the wallpaper and crazy sticky-back circles to create my sewn earrings.

They usually have a bin or two of these giant hair-curler-like stuff, just crying out to be a Halloween costume, no?

My find of the day: Funky vintage poster for "The Family Sauce."
The copyright at the bottom says 1967. This will be so at home in my kitchen!

Moira's find of the day: A case of red boxes that she'll use for her
summer program at the Boys & Girls Club.

There is an art to finding good stuff amongst trash and junk, and Moira is the master of this art. The perfect shopping buddy! Her wheels are always turning - " What can I make out of this?" She keeps a blog called Your Trash is My Treasure. Check it out!

Your turn: Where are your favorite places to find recycled stuff, thrifty items, or art supplies?

Carole Ann


  1. this is fabulous! id love somewhere like this! or anywhere/thing like this available close to me!

  2. i am so jealous of the recycling center...but i like the salvation army a lot, too. there's also a great place up in new hampshire that sells leftovers from unclaimed moving vans and estate sales...i have found lots of fun old pillowcases there.

  3. Thanks heart handmade! It's such a wonderful place - connecting trash with creative thinkers - that there must be more cropping up here and there!

    Erica - the Boston Children's Museum has a recycling center right inside of it! If you're in the city, you should check it out - I've found some good stuff there! And I want to hear more about this place in NH!


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