Mom's Quilt

I'm writing today from the back porch of my parents' house in Vermont. It's so quiet here - just woods, birds, and a wild rabbit that keeps trying to eat the flowers in my Mom's garden. I love being home.

I gave Mom her birthday present - a handmade quilt that I've been working on since February.

It looks so at home right on the porch.

I'm getting more and more confident in my quilt-making skills - much thanks is due to Elizabeth over at Oh Fransson! She posted the amazing tutorial that I followed to make this quilt. If you're interested in getting into quilt-making, her directions are incredibly comprehensive and understandable!

My Mom loved it. Yay!

Today Mom and I took on our own little project: making a ruffled clutch like the yellow one I made for Emily. We have coordinated clutches now! She went out with hers tonight to meet her co-workers for a party, and I'm headed out with mine to - Circus Smirkus (one of my favorite youth arts organizations)!

The week is going by so fast!

Carole Ann


  1. The quilt is lovely, yes, it does look right at home.

  2. Loving the quilt, loving the blog facelift!

    Check out the way this person displays their wristlets...


  3. Wow, thanks for sharing Joanna! I added the blog to my google reader - LOTS of fabulous ideas!


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