Happy [Belated] 4th!

I'm at home in Vermont for the week to celebrate the 4th, to get some very important Mom & Dad time in, and for a much needed vacation.

While we were getting ready to go see the Vermont Symphony Orchestra perform some patriotic tunes in an outdoor concert, Mom pulled out this flag pin for me to wear. She reminded me that this was my first crafty venture - when I was about 9 years old, a friend of mine gave me one of these pins, and I started making them like mad. I really had it down to a science with the beads, the safety pins, and a little screwdriver to hang them all on the main pin. My parents had a food cart for making fajitas at outdoor festivals in Vermont, and my Mom would hang up this very same napkin with the flag pins attached. We sold them for $1.00 each.

It's so lovely looking back at that - it didn't seem so significant then, but knowing what I'm doing now, it all ties together.
I wonder where I'll be in another 15 years...

I hope you had a great holiday weekend!
Carole Ann

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