It was a big birthday for Ian's mom, Lynda, this week (I won't say which one!) and we gave her something BIG. Well, little-big: a puppy.


She is just so tiny, I can't even believe it!

I made a couple of goodies with supplies from my scrap bin for Lynda and her new baby to enjoy: a collar with a detachable little baggie for poop bags, and a chew toy from tutorials here, here, and here.

The collar is of course WAY too big for her now (she's just 12 weeks old), but I think she likes the chew toy alright.

Just look at that cute butt!

Happy Birthday, Lynda!


  1. Uugh, so adorable! What a clever idea with the chew toy. Nicely done. Can I have the dog plz?

  2. I know, I'm not a dog person, but I have a feeling I'll be offering to take this little one for a walk on a regular basis!


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