My Favorite Crafty Website

Ever since I discovered One Pretty Thing, I have never had to worry about feeling uninspired.

Rachel, One Pretty Thing's founder and administrator, created a website that is what I consider to be the most comprehensive gathering of creative projects ever. It's like having a gi-normous encyclopedia of all things crafty on your shelf, only more and more projects are added every single day.

Rachel scours the web daily to find tutorials of handmade projects in all different mediums - sewing, quilting, knitting, decor, revamping furniture, jewelry-making - and posts round ups of photos and links to all of the projects.

My Favorite things about One Pretty Thing:
  • It supports all different levels of crafters. The range of projects and skills required is so vast that there is definitely something to everyone there. When I first got my sewing machine, I discovered this website soon after. Everyday, I bookmarked projects of all levels, and have steadily seen myself tackling more and more complicated projects. In a sense, One Pretty Thing taught me how to sew!
  • It's super easy to find anything you're looking for. All of the posts are archived, and it's super easy to search all of the projects she's gathered. For instance, this morning I was thinking about making a necklace out of ribbon. Naturally, my first thought is always to search One Pretty Thing, so I hopped on, and searched for "ribbon necklace" and tah dah! Thirteen inspiring projects!

  • It supports creative AND entrepreneurial skills. Not only does Rachel post round ups of creative projects, she also posts a "Crafty Reading Round Up," featuring articles about business and blogging strategies every Thursday. This is how I've discovered some of my favorite business resources.

  • It's easy to submit your own project. To submit your project, all you need to do is send Rachel an email with a link to your tutorial. All of my tutorials on the left side of the screen have been featured on One Pretty Thing. It feels great to be someone contributing to the creative community, and I hope to post more tutorials in the near future. It's also a great way to get some new readers to visit your blog.

Not a day passes without me scrolling through everything she's gathered. It's just unbelievable how much creativity is happening out there in the world, and how open the online community is to sharing ideas, inspiration, and tutorials with each other. The crafty online community is so lucky to have a resource that gathers all of these into one website!

Thank you Rachel, and thank you One Pretty Thing!


  1. Oh my gosh! I have the biggest smile on my face Carole Ann! I cant thank you enough for the sweetest and most thoughtful shout-out ever! I'm just blown away by your kindness. You have MADE my August!

  2. Agreed, Rachel is awesome! The "Encyclopedia" of crafting tutorials is amazing! And... she's a super-sweet person to boot! :)

  3. i couldn't have said it better! rachel rounds up great stuff around the clock (i still can't figure out when she sleeps!) and she is so supportive of artists and artisans. she is a true gem!


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