A Beautiful Day at IndieArts Fest

Last weekend I participated in IndieArts Fest, a day-long celebration of independent arts in downtown Providence. It was my first time having my very own booth, and selling so many different projects. The weather could not have been better - sunny and breezy - and there were so many people out and about to enjoy the day!

{ my table + my trusty helper, Ian }

{ pants purses and pant-leg utility aprons }

I had a range of projects for sale, and each one was somehow upcycled - either from thrifted clothing, repurposed recycled materials, or scraps of fabric. I was really delighted at how many people appreciated my resourcefulness. I always find it funny that no matter who comes to my booth - an 85 year old, or a 15 year old - they all tend to use the same word to describe my work: clever. To me, clever sounds a little bit like "tricky." I like to think of myself as resourceful, creative and inventive. But I think that maybe clever is a way to say those three words together!

{ little goodies: business cards + buy art buttons }

Now that I'm getting into the swing of having a craft booth, I'm taking the advice from Meylah's craft booth tips to have a "thematic, unified, and organized display." My theme is to have thrifted plates and bowls in Connect the Dots colors - blue and orange. So on Saturday I got to debut my recent goodwill finds, like this pair of pyrex bowls. I couldn't believe it when I found them at Rehab on Wickenden St - they are perfect Connect the Dots colors!

And this blue dish and orange plate that I found when I was on vacation in Vermont.

And I totally splurged on this amazing travel suitcase on Etsy, but look at how perfect it is for holding coin purses, and it's blue and orange!

These two girls stopped by my booth and fell in love with these flower headbands. While they were there, I think they touched every single thing in my booth - they were so excited that one of them yelled out, "EVERYTHING'S SO PRETTY!" which totally reminded me of....

{ it's so FLUFFY!!!! }

{ ginger, my dress form, modeling an Emmy Apron }

All in all, it was a fabulous day. I love talking to people about the possibilities of different recycled materials, and I love sending each of my creations out into to the world to be used, worn, and loved.

I couldn't have done it without the help (and super-duper muscles) of Ian and Joanna of Joy in My Studio. Thanks for all of your help, friends!


  1. im so jealous! These things look great, Id love to go to an arts festival!

  2. I LOVE all these photos - and your booth looked fabulous - you are really onto something with all the blue and orange!! So glad you had a great day :)

  3. I feel so lucky that Providence has this kind of thing happening all the time! But you can also make it happen for yourself - I organized this art sale (http://www.connectthedotscrafts.com/search/label/festivals) by gathering a few friends and partnering with a local grocery store. And I organized something similar at my workplace with my colleagues (http://www.connectthedotscrafts.com/2009/12/building-community-through-art.html). It was so fun. You can do it, too!


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