Some Recent Custom Projects...

My creative friend, Brittney from Poppy Photography, commissioned me to make her a case for her iphone. I love this fabric combo - she wanted something not too bright, but still fun. I think she'll especially love the wrist strap!

And another creative friend, Alyssa, commissioned a custom watercolor paintbrush roll-up. She's planning on spending some solid time in the studio in the month of August, so I wanted to create something beautiful that would really inspire her to create!

For the front pocket, I used a pair of pink corduroy pants that Alyssa herself donated to Connect the Dots a couple of months ago - it was her favorite pair of pants, so I know she'll be excited to have a piece of them back in her life!

I included a little bonus - a hair clip to match!

I just love making things with a specific person in mind - I can really focus on their favorite colors and try to capture their style and personality in my designs.

Thanks, Brittney and Alyssa for thinking of me for these custom projects! They were so fun!

To contact Connect the Dots for a commissioned project, just click "Contact" on the left or e-mail me at connectthedotscrafts (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm up for making almost anything - aprons, baby gifts, wedding gifts, cases for phones and cameras, tool roll-ups...I'd love to hear about what projects you have in mind!

Carole Ann


  1. Oh wow!! What a great job - you have such an eye for combining prints and patterns - really nice!

  2. Alyssa Holland ShortAugust 7, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    I love love LOVE my paintbrush roll-up. It's so me AND it totally looks like something that Primrose Lamb would use in her studio.

    Hooray for my pink cords' second life. You're so thoughtful.


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