Wardrobe Revamp: Week 2 and GIVE AWAY!

It's week two of my mission to revamp my wardrobe one outfit at a time, one week at a time. My goal is to grown-up-ify my clothing, plus have some element of every outfit be made by me.

Now, I've got some good basics in my closet, like this Anne Taylor Loft shift dress that I found at a local consignment shop. What I love about this dress is that it is essentially like wearing a big t-shirt. It's so comfortable! It even has pockets. But all alone, it's kind of drab...kind of like the weather in Rhode Island this week...

I added a belt that I recently found at that same consignment shop, and I decided that it also needed a little pop of color. Using my big box of fabric samples and a vintage button from Grandma's button box, I created this happy brooch!

Much better! It's the little things that really make it, don't you think?

Which brings me to....a little thing for YOU! I thought I'd make a twin to GIVE AWAY to one of my readers! Just respond to this post with a suggestion for how I should revamp next week's outfit (below) and you could win a happy brooch of your own!

{ next week's revamp }

I'm starting to realize that I have a real thing for jersey dresses, but I need to do something to make them a little more dressy and distinct - so, help! What can I make to spice this baby up? Necklace? Earrings? Altering the dress? Adding detail?

Write your suggestion in the comments below, and I'll select a winner at random in time for Wardrobe/Revamp: Week 3 next Wednesday. I'll ship it anywhere in the world, whether you live down the street or in Timbuktu, so don't be shy about entering!


  1. I love what you did with the first outfit, what a transformation and it looks gorgeous on you!

    This other jersey dress is such a pretty warm gray - I could see it with one of your recycled jersey necklaces in lavender, orchid and plum tones with some coordinating signature Connect the Dots wallpaper earrings - or maybe try a ruffle necklace like in this tutorial:


    ...it could also look super cute as a halter dress. Definitely get some sprinkles of bold color in there!

  2. How about a colorful sash tied just under the breasts? If you have more than one it will change up the dress several times over.

  3. Now what your readers don't know is that when you wore the revamped outfit above, you had on the snazziest pair tights, too!

    So, for the new outfit I see, in addition to the necklace Joanna mentions, a flower for the hair (pin? headband?).

  4. Go for a flower pin right at the bottom of the "V" and a matching flower headband!

  5. I have a purple scarf that's square that I'd love to turn into two mobius scarfs...maybe that could complement this outfit?


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