Custom Baby Shower Set

Erin recently commissioned me to create a custom baby set for her former college roommate who is due to have a little girl in October. I love making delicate, playful things for little ones!
As we head into the fall and people start thinking about holiday gifts (!) I thought I'd take this opportunity to give a little behind-the-scenes look into my custom project process:

{ the completed custom set - zipper pouch, bib, and quilted taggie blanket }

The Inquiry: First, Erin emailed me to inquire about the custom project:
"I have a question/custom request. My former roommate is having a baby in October. I'd like to give her something that can't be found on Amazon or Target or a registry, and I thought of your creations. Would you have time to create something before the beginning of October?"
I just love getting these emails!

{ bib front and quilted taggie blanket }

Tinkering Out the Budget and Specifics: Next, I asked for a price range and a few thoughts on what she had in mind/ways to make this project personal. She responded -
"My price range is probably around 40 - is that doable with your materials? I'm thinking something along the lines of bibs and maybe a zipper case to hold things for the diaper bag?? The baby is a girl, and my roommate and I used to have a joke about baby animals when we were in college - she loves them, so I'm thinking a baby animals thing would be cute. Let me know what you think, and we can chat!"
After that, I worked within her budget to create a plan for a baby bib, quilted taggie blanket, and zipper pouch, and confirmed the plan and timeline with Erin.

{ bib back detail }

Choosing the Fabric and Materials: I went shopping for fabric at my favorite quilt shop in my hometown in Vermont, and I found the perfect fabric to represent both my aesthetic AND the baby animals that Erin requested!

{ quilted taggie blanket front }

Construction: This is when my sewing machine and I get to work! I put on an episode of This American Life and get in the zone!

{ taggie blanket back detail }

Delivery: My favorite part! Erin and I got to meet in person at the local Farmer's Market, and I delivered the bag of creations over some cold beverages as we sat on a park bench.

Thanks, Erin, for thinking of me for such a fun project!

If YOU'RE interested in a custom Connect the Dots creation, please contact me at caroleann (at) connectthedotscrafts (dot) com, or click the "contact" link on the left! I'd love to make something especially for you!


  1. jeepers uve been a busy bee!!these look great!

  2. The baby animal fabric is adorable. You did a fabulous job with this custom order.

  3. Thanks Claire - I have been busy. I'm so inspired by all that you're doing that I've been trying to post more often. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    And Mom, so glad that after a year and a half you've finally figured out how to comment!!


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