I know a guy

When I spot a friend at work with a hole in their sweater or a button missing, I always say, "You know, I know a guy who can help you with that..."

This weekend I sat in my finally not humid living room, watching Sunday Morning and sewing new black buttons onto Kate's dress. These simple little projects make me feel so connected to a history of sewing and craft. So simple, so satisfying.

So if you need a button sewn on, you know who to call...


  1. My dad arrived in with a pair of trousers and promised me the contents of his pockets if I sewed the ripped ones back together lol I earned £3.41 and I laughed cuz he'd been keeping the pockets together with duct tape lol

  2. Cute! And a good deal for you...! I love duct tape as much as the next guy, but It sure feels good to be handy with a needle and thread.

    I used to work at a summer theater, and there was a particular actor who kept splitting his pants down the seam...I got an award at the end of the summer for literally "saving his ass" on many occasions!


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