A Tasty Treat

Ian and I went out to eat last week at a super fancy Providence restaurant called New Rivers. He had the most delicious appetizer ever - a squash tart with tomato jam. As a Labor Day challenge to ourselves, we took on a new creative medium as we attempted to recreate its awesomeness in our very own kitchen.

{ the result }

We found a recipe for tomato jam here. I'd never heard of tomato jam before, but now I think it would taste delicious on top of anything.

I don't think we can charge $12 for it anytime soon, but it. was. delicious. And SO pretty!


  1. That looks delish, and tomato jam sounds fabulous! I just oven-dried like 5 lbs of tomatoes from my mom's garden when I was there. The taste of summer will live for months in my freezer. Here's hoping I get tomatoes in my market basket again this week!

    P.S. Friday will be fabulous! Didn't write back to your email yet but I'll be in Prov for work til noon, so am free after that, if it works for you.

  2. Omg that Homesick Texan site is awesome. I can't decide if I want to make flour tortillas or biscuits tonight... yum!


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