Sewing with Julia Child

I've been M.I.A. for a couple of days - my friend Lisa was visiting from the Netherlands, and then I was under the weather for a bit. I barely made it through making flower headbands with some gals for my first day of mentoring at New Urban Arts before I was at home curled up on the couch (or "command central" as Ian calls it when I'm sick!). But I'm feeling much better now, and got a lot of sewing done this weekend (see upcoming posts for the results!).

Today, I want to share a wonderful bit of inspiration I found recently. My creative friend Alyssa encouraged me to read Julia Child's book My Life in France. I haven't been doing much reading these days because I've been sewing so much - but I realized that there's a way to read and sew at the same time: audiobooks!

I downloaded My Life in France and have been listening to it on my studio days. It is such an inspiring book, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone - especially creative entrepreneurs. I love how Julia didn't grow up cooking, but fell in love with it later in life, found ways to learn and perfect her skills, and dove into her craft with all of her passion and energy. She made connections, made thoughtful decisions about her work and how it fit into her life, and was above all patient as it all unfolded. If you saw the movie Julie & Julia, you know a bit of Julia's story, but that really only scratched the surface. Read this book - you'll love it!

Perhaps the best part of the book is the love story. She and Paul Child were just so in love. He supported her in her sometimes crazy passion for cooking and for finishing her cookbook, took photos for her, advocated for her, and always believed in her.

Can I get an amen for all of those supportive partners out there? Who is your Paul Child and how does he/she support you in your creative work?


  1. Hooray, I made it into your blog again! I'm glad you're feeling better. The first milk carton is on the drying rack for you right now. Woo.


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