Wardrobe Revamp Week 8: I made a dress!

Brace yourselves - for this week was less of a revamp, and more of a garment from scratch! That's right, I made a dress!

I just loved that teal jersey fabric that I picked up at Lorraine's a few weeks ago, and made into a cute remixed dress/top last week. So I grabbed what was left and created something to wear to Erica & Keith's wedding last weekend. Not bad for a $3 cut of fabric!

I was inspired by this "1 hour dress" tutorial. Go ahead a be skeptical, because it definitely wasn't a 1 hour project, and I ended up reworking the pattern that they gave a lot. But it helped me to figure out which measurements I needed to take and how the whole thing would come together. It's nothing too fancy or complicated, but it's a dress from scratch that I felt good enough about to wear in public, which is a big step for me. So hopefully there's more to come!

At the wedding, I was going for a classic Mad Men look, with the length, boatneck, and cinch belt. I even wore a super long vintage necklace so I could really channel Joan.

It looked great next to my friend Jeremy's outfit - skinny tie and all.

Oh yeah, and this guy too.

It was so great to be with my "college family" again - my old a cappella group, The Higher Keys. The evening wouldn't have been complete without us bursting into song and grooving to a soul train, and we didn't disappoint!

I can now cross of goal #7: Make a Dress from my 10 Things to Do in 2010 list. Just a few goals left!


  1. You did an awesome job on that dress... it's fabulous!

  2. this look fabulous!! what a great job!


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