Wardrobe Revamp Week 10: Fancied-Up Purple Skirt

It's week 10 of my mission to revamp my wardrobe one outfit at a time, one week at a time. My goal is to grown-up-ify my clothing, plus have some element of every outfit be made by me! And guess what...after 9 weeks at the new job, I still haven't worn the same outfit twice. It's amazing how many outfits I have when I dig deep into those items that I usually pass by in my closet, and add/alter a little something to make them wearable.

This week I tackled something in my closet that was oh-so-plain:

Plain purple skirt that was on sale at Target

+ hair accessory that I bought my freshman year and never wear...

= prettier, fancier skirt! Ian and I were having a lot of trouble getting a good photo of this outfit. So bear with me here. (Ah, it's that time of year when it's too cold to take photos outside!)

I hid the seam of the lacy stuff with some t-shirt flower rosettes and embroidered felt leaves...

...and wore this outfit to work yesterday, with a matching rosette headband that I made myself! Learn how to make one yourself here. Wahoo! Another fancy outfit (that is actually all jersey material and hence super comfortable) to wear to my grown-up job!

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