What It Takes

I'm really excited to tell you about a new group that I'm starting with my creative friends
Joanna of Joy in My Studio and Moira of Literary Tease. It's called What It Takes: Your Indie Business Buzz, and we're organizing it through The Hive Archive, a women's art collective here in Providence.

What is What It Takes?
Joanna, Moira, and I noticed that we like to get together on a regular basis to check in on each other's indie businesses, and share ideas and resources like great articles to read, technical tips, and moral support.

What It Takes is going to be an extension of our informal conversations - a monthly meeting of people who want to turn their creative work into a sustainable living. We plan to cover different topics each month, like product photography, branding your business, selling your work online and in local shops, and any other challenges that people who come are facing. What It Takes is for all experience & skill levels, all creative mediums, and for anyone who has found themselves saying "I really need to get my stuff together." We hope that people will come to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from others' experience to get organized, get ready, and get on their way!

What It Takes meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:00 in the cafe at Whole Foods on North Main Street. Our first meeting is next week, November 3rd, and we plan to talk about Goal Setting - come with a rough list of your goals, or just ready to think about what's on the horizon for you!

If you don't live close-by, think about starting your own group! All you need is two or three creative folks in a room, and it's amazing how being together and sharing can really move you all forward. As my friend Maria once said: "When you join people together, you just have...more." And she's so, so right.

So come to What It Takes!

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