This is Awesome: Artsgiving

At New Urban Arts, the open after-school art studio where I'm an Artist Mentor, it's an annual tradition to gather together for Artsgiving this time of year.

The concept is simple: everyone puts their name in a hat, and everyone chooses a name.

You have 1 1/2 hours to create a piece of art for your person.

The studio is buzzing - there are glue guns, paints, crayons, markers, scissors (if you can find them!), fabric - everywhere, and anytime someone announces how much time is left everyone freaks out a little.

Everyone has a bag on the wall, and you have to stealthily sneak your gift into their bag.

Then we sit in a circle, each opening them in turn and revealing the artist behind the gift.

You give a little something, and you get a little something.

It's warm and fuzzy and one of my favorite parts of being in the New Urban Arts community. (And an easy thing to replicate anywhere else in the world...maybe even with your fam at Thanksgiving?)


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