An amazing studio sale

The Cardboard Pankakes Studio Sale on Saturday was so amazing! Emmy & Andrew covered their apartment in brown paper and cardboard (even lamps and rocking chairs!), and 12 local artists packed the walls and tables with our colorful creations.

Each artist, as an entry fee, brought some form of food to share. All varieties of cookies, brownies, and vegan biscuits were scattered about the apartment and made for wonderful, sweet treats throughout the day!

It was incredibly well attended! It felt like about 200 people came through the apartment, including lots of friends - like Jess and Alice! And some new friends, like Greta who came by my table and told me that she reads the blog. It was so exciting to meet a reader that I didn't know!

And lots of people bought some super fabulous gifts for their friends and family (myself included!), and for themselves too! Here's Tali showing off her new pair of Connect the Dots earrings.

It was so cozy and comfortable and it really felt one part sale, two parts celebration of being artists in this amazing Rhode Island community. Andrew was even selling pizza strips (totally a Rhode Island thing - pizza minus the cheese - I call it "saucy bread")! And Dylan and Dan from New Urban Arts were jamming in the front room to add to the festive atmosphere.

But, listen, don't take my word for it. Check out this totally amazing slideshow of photos taken by Jori Ketten. She really captured the magic of the event!

Thanks so much to Jean, Emmy, and Andrew for making such a wonderful day happen!


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