Holiday Gift Guide: 2011 Lunar Calendar from Tiny Showcase

The holiday season is upon us, and I'm creating a list of my own picks for great holiday gifts for giving - each Friday I feature a creation by a local Rhode Island artist that is bound to suit someone on your list! We might be the tiniest state, but we've got a whole lot of talent!

This will be the last edition of the gift guide since next Friday is Christmas Eve - check out previous posts here.

This week: Tiny Showcase brings us the 2011 Lunar Calendar. This unique calendar will surely make you reconsider the one with cute puppies and kittens that you saw at Borders last week.

The limited-edition letterpress measures 19" by 11.75" and features unbelievably-intricate illustrations drawn by Providence's Alec Thibodeau. This is the fourth year that Alec has produced this a unique lunar calendar, and each year he keeps the print to the same dimensions for easing framing - you can start a holiday tradition!

"The limited edition letterpress printed lunar calendar details the 365 phases of the moon for 2011. A continuation of the past three years' calendar illustrations, the piece is the fourth installment in Alec's Lunar Calendar Series. The calendar is based on the skies of Providence, Rhode Island but will function accurately anywhere in the Eastern Time Zone and to within a day of accuracy for any location in the Northern Hemisphere. Special illustrations represent New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Third Quarter Moon for each four week cycle. Clouds serve as placeholders in months with fewer than 31 days." - Tiny Showcase

Mine came in the mail yesterday, and it's even more impressive in person. Order yours through the Tiny Showcase online shop, and while you're there take a look at the dozens of beautiful prints that they have available!


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