Custom Apron Gifts

This Christmas was my first Christmas as a true artist/business owner, which meant that I was gloriously busy in December - sewing, sewing, sewing, packaging up, and getting to know Kenneth the quirky postman on Weybossett Street really well.

But it also meant that on Christmas day, I had warm fuzzies not just from being with my family, but also from thinking about my creations being given as gifts in cozy living rooms all over the world.

During December, a few people contacted me about creating custom aprons as gifts for their loved ones. I'm so excited to be able to share them now!

Peter contacted me when he found my work in the Brown Alumni Magazine Holiday Gift Guide. He was looking for a custom apron for his wife, Pattie, to wear while gardening.

Peter and I bonded over email when he told me that he was caring for his wife as she was recovering from a knee replacement - this, at the same time that I was caring for Ian after his back surgery! He wrote, "I will think of you when I am cooking and changing the ice packs, and send you lots of good karma."

I was touched by the thoughtfulness of his gift, and I had a great time making this design just for Pattie. I hope she'll be up and about and gardening again soon!

I created this full apron for my friend Maria to give to her daughter, Lucy, as a Christmas gift. Maria won a custom Connect the Dots apron a few months ago, when I created a personalized apron for her nephew. I was delighted that she came back for another custom design!

Her daughter will be doing her student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom this semester, so Maria asked for something durable and fun with lots of pockets. "Think finger paints," she said.

Since Lucy likes polka dots and vintage prints, I combined three coordinated green, blue, and yellow fabrics. I can just picture her getting crafty with her class!

Finally, Janet found me through the Brown Alumni Magazine as well. She commissioned me to create a customized apron for her sister, Susanna, who owns a catering business, "Back to Basics Kitchen" in Colorado.

After exploring the Back to Basics Kitchen website, Janet and I discussed a design that would incorporate the beautiful painted vegetables pictured on the site. Janet told me that her grandmother painted those vegetables, so it was very special to include them on the apron.

How cute is that tomato? I was thinking of Susanna and Janet on Christmas morning, and how I played a small part in their family's holiday gathering.

I love how every custom apron I create is so personal, and how each and every one carries its own story. If you would like a custom apron, please contact me! I'd love to make something just for you.



  1. They're all adorable, but I LOVE the little eggplant. Partly because it's cute, and partly because I love eggplant :)

  2. Just opened your 25 year birthday journal. Seems like a more sane idea than the friend who is running a race in every state before turning 50. Caused me to think about themes in my life and how some things just keep recurring. Thank you.


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