This is Awesome: Fun-A-Day

A few weeks ago, I learned about the Fun-A-Day project. Here's an explanation from their website:
Fun-A-Day is a month-long, community art project, inspired by the basic premise that everyone is an artist and everything we make is art. Pick a project (anything from making your bed or writing a haiku to taking a photograph and drawing a picture of your dog); and do it once-a-day, every day in January. Then, share your work in February at the Fun-A-Day group show. To participate, sign up here.

My project finally came to me yesterday. Each day in the month of January, I am going stop what I'm doing and take a break for a cup of tea in the afternoon. From the time I boil the water to the time I get to the bottom of my mug, that's all I'm going to do. Just drink the tea. Not make a list, not watch tv, not worry. I'm just going to sit and drink a big cup of tea. My project will culminate in some kind of piece created from the little paper tabs on each tea bag.

It's perfect timing, because my dear friends Liz & Kate gave me the wonderful gift of 25 bags of tea for my 25th birthday and each bag is a different flavor. (They know me so well!)

It's not too late to sign up for your project - no matter how small or simple. Just visit the Fun-A-Day website to sign up.
And RSVP to the facebook invite for the culminating art show featuring everyone's projects on February 11th from 7-11pm and February 12th from 5-10pm at the West Broadway Neighborhood Association, 1560 Westminster Street, Providence.

What's your project going to be?



  1. I wish I was creative enough to come up with something clever like you! I find myself sitting here wondering if I would even have enough time during the day to do something like this. I do however take atleast 1-2 hours a day to knit. But by the end of the month I wouldn't have much to show for it! A sweater and a pair of socks!

  2. Brittany! That's EXACTLY the kind of project that would be great! You should sign up! A sweater and a pair of socks is a huge thing that I would love to see at the end of the month!


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