Merideth's Ruffled Zipper Necklace

My dear friend Merideth turned 30 this weekend, and I tried out a new project just for her: a ruffled zipper necklace.

I found the project in Readymade magazine, and the pattern is online here. The ruffle is sewn to the sides of a long zipper, and you can zip up or un-zip it to whatever "V" length you want.

Merideth loves ruffles, so I knew this was the perfect project for her. It can really spice up any plain outfit!

Happy Birthday, Mer!



  1. Turned out really cute! What else have you made with zippers? I used a zipper in a painting I'm working on and made a fabulous necklace. I really need to take pictures... maybe later today I'll set up my lightbox!


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