A Week in Quilt Sketches

I bought myself a little gift of three tiny sketchbooks from KAW Handmade on Etsy.  I chose these notebooks because I love how the screen printed covers are reminiscent of quilt blocks themselves.

My plan is to always have one with me, along with a set of colored pencils, so I can sketch ideas that come to me about quilt blocks and mini quilts.  I've been finding inspiration in a lot of places.  Here's the result of my first batch of sketches:

Inspired by Deb's sweater

Inspired by the bar code on my lip balm, and the floor tiles in my bathroom

Inspired by Chopped on the Food Network, and the bricks at the war memorial on my walk to work

Inspired by little buntings that I'm seeing in crafty shops

Which one do you like best?

(And psst! check back tomorrow - I'll be asking YOU for inspiration, and there will be a BIG giveaway as a result!)



  1. Hey - that's my sweater! So honored that my outfit could inspire a quilt! :)

  2. I love your sketches! It's really cool to see where your inspiration comes from, and I can't wait to see the final results! Awesome!


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