What I'm Reading: A Practical Guide to Patchwork

Reading isn't quite a strong enough word - absorbing, devouring, more like.

Elizabeth Hartman's first book, A Practical Guide to Patchwork, came out at the end of 2010.  I was lucky enough to win a copy from a giveaway on her website, and ever since I got it my nose has pretty much been buried in it.

Elizabeth's blog Oh Fransson! is one of my favorites - her amazing quilt-alongs and tutorials have walked me through the process of making a quilt, and the little windows into her creative process - how she chooses her colors, plans her blocks - always inspire me.

Now, I can carry it all around with me in my backpack.  Her book includes step-by-step instructions for the standard process of quilting-making, and 12 full quilt patterns.  I think my favorite part is that she shows each pattern in a variety of fabrics, so you can see how different fabric choices can dramatically change the look and feel of a quilt.

If you're interested in quilting, and especially if you're a beginner - this is simply a great book.

Back to devouring...



  1. show me! Im trying (to finish a quilt i started last year).. with my sewing machine.. it needs a service but its so cheap i cant find anywhere that will service it. *cries* Im thinking of starting a new savings fund!

  2. you're a thrifty gal - I'm sure you can find an older machine that wants your love!


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