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Since my theme this month is blogging, instead of my usual Friday gallery posts I'll be featuring some of my favorite blogs and a window into the thinking behind them.

Kicking us off is Erin from the blog Big Girl Feats.  Take it away, Erin!

{ Erin }

What is the idea/purpose behind your blog?
I originally started my blog in July 2009 as a food blog – Big Girl Eats - because I have a great interest in food, health and nutrition. This interest was definitely NOT life long, but developed during and after college when I lost 40+ pounds, started running and learning how to cook. The title of the blog refers to learning to embrace myself, my body and my height (I’m 5’9) as well as the fact that I was taking care of and providing for myself now. 

I successfully blogged for about 10 months and then had some life issues that came up. Blogging wasn’t a priority in my life at that point. I didn’t blog again until November 2010 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The diagnosis was completely out of the blue. I felt a lump in my neck in late summer that eventually grew to 2.1 cm. I was extremely stressed out that spring and putting a lot of pressure on myself. I really believe that fueled the cancer. I remember waking up from surgery and having this immense sense of gratitude while also knowing that it was cancerous. Then I thought “Holy crap. I really need to blog about this.”

I changed the title of my blog from Big Girl Eats to Big Girl Feats, because I no longer want to focus solely on food. I’m still trying to figure out that transition, but my purpose going forward is to celebrate the small moments and the big challenges in working toward health and happiness.

{ Erin's kitchen, mid-project }

What do you hope readers will get out of reading your blog?
One of the (many) things that I hope readers will take away from my blog is to think about what can we do to improve our health and happiness each and every day. I thought I was “healthy.” I ate things like kale, exercised on an almost regular basis, had already lost 40+ pounds over the past 4 years, I don’t smoke and I have a fantastic close group of friends and family. But after my diagnosis, I realized health is more than food and exercise. For me, it’s getting enough sleep, stopping perfectionism, eating foods that give me energy, spending time on things I love, getting some form of exercise every day, finding spirituality, connecting with friends, getting to a healthy weight, changing the negative talk in my head, and saying no to “obligations” or invitations that add to my stress level.

I’d like my readers to realize health is the most important thing – period. Without it, we have literally nothing. We don’t realize the miracle of the human body until something goes wrong. It might seem scary, but to me, it’s actually really motivating. We have the ability to change our habits and behaviors to bring about better health and happiness. Eventually, I’d like to help people realize what health means for them, too.

What one tip or insight would you like to share with other bloggers?
One thing that I struggle with and work on is that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else or anyone else’s blog. I have a tendency to overlook the present because I’m trying to get somewhere else in the future. I think a lot of people, women particularly, can relate to comparing themselves to others. I remind myself that this is my creative outlet and I have a different message. That helps to keep the perfectionist overachiever at bay.

I think one of the best things about blogging is that you build friendships and connections with other bloggers. I draw inspiration and motivation from other healthy living or food or creative bloggers almost every day. Commenting on blogs is a great way to develop that relationship. I’m lucky enough to have friends like Carole Ann who I can to talk about blogging and the creative process in person too.

Thanks for sharing, Erin!  Check out Erin's blog for some witty rants, Mix A Lot Mondays, delicious eats, big feats, and all around inspiration: Big Girl Feats.



  1. How cool is this!!! Erin. Blogger. Cancer facehole kicker. Celebrity.

  2. Wow, CA thanks so much for blogging this and Erin thank you for sharing your story with us! I am going to go check out your blog now... :)


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