What I'm Reading: Julie & Julia

My book club recently decided that we would each choose a biography to read.  While not quite a biography, Julie & Julia: 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen by Julie Powell is a memoir, and it was my choice for the month.

I had fun reading this book - I liked relating to how she moved between her day job, her creative work & home life, and blogging.  It was a good read, but not nearly as good as the movie (which is very different), and also not as good as Julia Child's My Life in France.

I did, however, pull a wonderful nugget of wisdom out of one of the final pages:

Julia taught me what it takes to find your way in the world.  It's not what I thought it was.  I thought it was all about -- I don't know, confidence or will or luck.  Those are all some good things to have, no question.  But there's something else, something that these things grow out of.
It's joy.

I think about confidence a lot, and how often I find myself lacking it.  I think about it maybe a little too much.

But here on my blog, it requires a certain amount of confidence to post regularly, to write about myself and my work 5 times a week for the whole world to see.  I don't think about confidence much as it relates to my blog, because I'm so focused on the joy.

And I need to bring that same focus to the rest of my life.


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