Q&A | The Quilting Process Part IV

It's finally finished!  Here are the final steps to finishing my queen-sized striped quilt.  

Read about Part IPart II, and Part III to see the full process.

Step 10: Quilt it!
Again, I had to come to terms with how absolutely enormous this quilt was!  I rolled up either side, and quilted straight horizontal lines, using my handy garden gloves to get a good grip on the quilt.

It took many hours and much patience.  When I finished, I said to Ian: "I hope someday I'll look at this quilt and not think about what a pain in the butt it was to make."

After quilting the whole thing, I trimmed the edges to get ready for the binding.

Step 11: Bind it
Here's the stripey binding ready to go all around the edges of the quilt.  Usually, this is my favorite part of the quilting process because I bind my quilts by hand.  But this baby was just too darn big for my poor wrist to do all that work, so I used the machine to add the binding.

Step 12: Cuddle up!
The quilt in its new home: my bedroom!

Quilt back


I was surprised that when I finally finished I didn't have that excited sense of accomplishment that I usually get after completing a project.  Looking back, I would have done lots of things differently - it's hard to look at the quilt without thinking about all of those things.

But I've been thinking about it for a few days, and what I'm starting to see when I look at the quilt is all of the things that I learned throughout this process, and how those things will help me make better choices next time.

Thanks for taking part in this long process!



  1. Nothing is perfect when we finish it, that's what makes it so fun! That's the love of the craft, is the adventure of learning all the things you do along the way. I think it looks amazing for your first large quilt. They are so much harder than they look! Congrats!


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