This is Awesome: Blurkers

Source: Fine Tooth Comb
What is a blurker, you ask?  Well, you might just be a blurker yourself.

A blurker is a blog lurker.  As in, one who reads blogs but never posts a comment.  Blurkers often resist commenting because they are intimidated, and they worry their comment won't be read or they'll be judged for a short or dull comment.

I found an article about Blurking on Fine Tooth Comb a while ago, and realized to my horror that I, in fact, was one.  The article helped me realize that I was missing a big opportunity to make connections, ask questions, and offer encouragement to my favorite folks who offer me inspiration and ideas regularly!  I posted about it here.

Julie of Fine Tooth Comb points out that if you don't comment:
1. You won't be able to share your feedback or add value to the blog.  
Asking questions and offering feedback allow you to participate and learn more. 
2. You won't be able to encourage the blogger. 
Comments are so encouraging - they keep me inspired and motivated to create and blog everyday.
3. You won't be able to spread the word about your brand.  
By making connections with other bloggers, you'll create more of a following for your own blog.

Now, I don't necessarily think that blurkers are awesome, but I do think it's awesome that there's a name for them, and that it sounds like a dirty word to me.

Learn about why you should consider changing your blurking ways here.

What do you gain when someone posts a comment on your blog?
What do you gain by posting a comment?



  1. I've definitely got blurkers at my blog. I recently posted a survey to try to get a sense of what folks were thinking generally about my blog and one of my questions was about why my readers weren't posting comments. Most people, rather than saying they weren't confident with the content of the blog said they were "too darn busy, guh!" Maybe that response gave them an out but I have to trust that people are being honest. Dang blurkers.

  2. I might be one so I thought I should make a comment!
    This is is hilarious that it has a name though....

  3. I personally like the PICTURE of a blurker. Although it made me sort of want to be one, which I don't think was the point.


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