Quick Tip Thursday | Google Reader

My blog has matured and evolved due in HUGE part to the fact that I follow tons of other blogs.  I read them daily - observing and interacting with others' ideas, photos, and ways of blogging.  I'm always thinking about why I love certain blogs - what is it about their approach that makes me so excited to see their next post?

I used to have all of these sites bookmarked, and each time I turned on my computer I'd go through the routine of clicking through the long list one by one and waiting for each page to load in order to see if they'd posted something new.

Now, I have Google Reader to help me pull in all of this content to one central place - it saves me SO much time, and it keeps the inspiration constantly rolling in.

Here's how it works:

Check out this handy post from Handmadeology to learn more about how to set it up: Save Time With Google Reader.

One catch with Google Reader - it makes it easy to forget to comment on the posts you're reading.  Don't forget how important it is to not be a Blurker - to post a comment, just click on a post title to be taken to the original blog site.

Thus concludes my series of blogging Quick Tip Thursdays - I hope they were helpful!



  1. I haven't forgotten that you encouraged me to use Google Reader and helped me get it set up. I just returned to it after at least a month away, and I'm excited by all the new posts I have to read (including yours, of course!). So thanks again!

    Lisa J.

  2. For those of us in the iOS sphere, I absolutely adore viewing my Google Reader feed in Reeder:


    It's a simple, elegant user interface--and definitely one of my most-used apps. Also, for the time being, there's a free public beta of Reeder for the Mac:


    Love the content lately. Keep it up!


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