This is Awesome: A new way of seeing it

I went to a training earlier this month on Deep Documentation: Interpretation and Dialogue, led by two amazing local artists/educators in Providence.  I attended for work, but was surprised to find some strong connections to my blogging life.

Here are my raw notes from what they presented as a framework for documentation:

1. Observe - what is key? (what is key?)
2. Document - the way you make meaning in the world: photos, notes, video, etc.
3. Interpret and make legible to others - reduce, refine, organize, group, put in to "form"
4. Exhibit, share - make meaning together with audience
5. Revise thinking - what's next? You are trying to understand what is possible

This routine is exactly how I go about blogging.  Here's my translation of those notes:

1. Observe - be open to and reflect on what's important to share from my creative life
2. Document - take photos of work, jot down notes, and capture links
3. Interpret and make legible to others - edit down photos, write a readable blog post
4. Exhibit, share - post on website, open for comments from viewers
5. Revise thinking - those comments inspire new ideas, excitement, inspiration

I love that these first three steps are so subjective, and so personal.  Every blog is so different because bloggers move through those steps in unique ways.

It's fun to see something in a new way.

How does this framework apply to your blog, or something else in your life?


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