Gallery | NUA Art Party!

I missed my usual Gallery post today because I was at another type of Gallery - New Urban Arts, the after school art studio where I mentor in sewing, for their annual end of year Art Party!

 I was super proud of my superstar student, Nancy, for the incredible work she produced for the show.

She worked tirelessly on this incredible baby quilt!  Check out those beautiful log cabin blocks!  I'm so lucky that she loves quilting, too.

Nancy & I

 As an end-of-year congratulatory gift, I made this travel sewing kit for her.

Perfect for traveling between sewing at home, and sewing in the studio (where you can never seem to find the pins, needles, etc.!)

The Art Party was super fun, warm & fuzzy, and festive.  There was a surprise studio-wide singalong to Don't Stop Believin' with lots and lots of confetti falling from the sky.

A wonderful way to wrap up a year of art-making, mentoring, and learning.

Happy weekend, all!  Here's hoping the world doesn't end tomorrow, because there are so many things that I still need to learn about and make!



  1. congrats!those kids are lucky to have you!

  2. Hey! carole is me nancy your superstar student from NUR thanks for showing off my talent and my work on your wedsite. this means alot to me.

  3. You ARE a superstar, Nancy! I am so proud to show off your amazing talent! Keep it up!


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