In Progress...

This has been a crazy month with lots of things going on, so I've been a little out of "the zone" in terms of art making.  

This weekend I managed to carve out some time and space to get quilting again.  I tried out a disappearing nine patch block, which is totally new to me.  It starts like this - nine 5" blocks sewn together, and is cut in such a way to make the blocks look much more complicated.

Check 'em out!  Cute, right?  This was my first time buying a pre-cut charm pack (42 5" squares from a collection of fabric), and it made it really easy and fun to put together.  No obsessing over which fabrics go...because they all do!

I love making square quilts.  This one will be the perfect size for a little baby girl to play on.  The problem is, I don't know any baby girls!  Maybe I'll post it in my Etsy Shop...

Will updated once it's quilted!



  1. yay! love it! I did a few of these last year, and I had to lay them out about a BILLION times to get it right :)

  2. I love the cute colors, they look cheerful. Can't wait to see the final result.

  3. I like that it totally changes the feel of the quilt...rather than doing straight nine patches. Maybe I'll try something like this for our new pillow cases...


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