Back from Quilt Camp!

I'm back from my intensive week-long quilting class at the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, Vermont.

It was wonderful and transformative.  It was exhausting and intense!  

There were six of us in the class, with a wonderful teacher.  Everyone worked on their own projects, so there were many different types of quilting going on at the same time, and so many things to learn.

Above all, my eyes were opened to what an extensive medium quilting is.  There are art quilts, traditional quilts, modern quilts, portraits, landscapes...so many colors to consider and techniques to choose from, and so many different cultural traditions to draw inspiration from.

It was incredible to have the space and time to explore my own interests and to be inspired by the instructor and the other students!

Stay tuned this week for some photos, and a look at what I was working on!


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